CMPT 165 Lecture Slides

  1. Course Introduction [“Course Introduction” slides]
    1. This Course [This Course slides]
    2. Topics [Topics slides]
    3. Materials [Materials slides]
    4. Grades [Grades slides]
    5. Expectations [Expectations slides]
  1. The Internet and the WWW [“The Internet and the WWW” slides]
    1. The Internet [The Internet slides]
    2. How Computers Connect [How Computers Connect slides]
    3. Protocols [Protocols slides]
    4. HTTP [HTTP slides]
    5. URLs [URLs slides]
    6. HTML, CSS, JavaScript [HTML, CSS, JavaScript slides]
    7. Why Separate? [Why Separate? slides]
  2. Markup and HTML [“Markup and HTML” slides]
    1. Markup Languages [Markup Languages slides]
    2. Text Files [Text Files slides]
    3. HTML Tags [HTML Tags slides]
    4. Basic Tags [Basic Tags slides]
    5. More Tags [More Tags slides]
    6. Meaning in HTML [Meaning in HTML slides]
    7. Attributes [Attributes slides]
    8. Links [Links slides]
    9. Empty Tags [Empty Tags slides]
    10. Semantic Markup [Semantic Markup slides]
    11. Semantic Markup: Why? [Semantic Markup: Why? slides]
    12. Example Page [Example Page slides]
    13. Distinguishing Tags [Distinguishing Tags slides]
    14. Generic Tags [Generic Tags slides]
    15. Validating HTML [Validating HTML slides]
    16. The Robustness Principle [The Robustness Principle slides]
    17. URLs: Links and Images [URLs: Links and Images slides]
    18. Character References [Character References slides]
  3. Stylesheets
  4. JavaScript Introduction
  5. Graphics
  6. JavaScript and Graphics
  7. Working with JavaScript
  8. More CSS
  9. Epilogue

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WeekLecture HourDateStarting Point
11Sept 4Intro
12Sept 6The Internet
23Sept 9HTTPS
24Sept 11More Tags
25Sept 13Empty Tags
36Sept 16Distinguishing Tags
37Sept 18The Robustness Principle
38Sept 20